Thanks to the fact that the scooter is made from the strongest and highest quality materials (aluminum-steel construction), it is very safe and stable. It has a large grain platform with a brake on the rear wheel so you can develop high speeds. The vehicle has a carbon steel steering wheel that is reinforced with a fourfold attachment. The handles are provided with a special anti-slip material that prevents the hand from slipping. The scooter has small rubber wheels with a flat profile that offer excellent grip and maneuverability. The high-quality ABEC-7 bearings enable maximum speed while minimizing the perceived irregularities. They are shockproof and offer comfort and safety during tricks and extreme rides. Small, perfectly grippy and slightly springy wheels that cushion irregularities on the road. The height adjustment allows you to easily adjust the height of the handle to your height and preferences. 360 degrees The steering wheel allows a free 360-degree rotation, and in addition the quadruple mounting enables a more dynamic drive.

Freestyle kick scooter Kruzzel ABEC 7

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