The HORNIT dB140 is the loudest bell in the world! With no less than 140dB all other drivers will notice you. Even cars will hear that you have to come and because you're
safer in traffic. The HORNIT dB140 has two different sounds; the sound of the horn of a car of 121 dB and a huge loud beep ??? ™ of up to 140 dB! The HORNIT is easy to
install and suitable for all bikes.    - HORNIT Dimensions: L 9.8 x W 4.8 x H 4.2 cm    - HORNIT Weight: 48 grams    - Dimensions remote control: L 3,55 x W x H 0.9 cm 2    -
Weight control: 10 grams    - Send confirmation Dimensions: L 4,5 x B 2,5 x H 3 cm    - Weight send confirmation: 12 grams    - Total weight: 94 grams    - Operates on 2 x
AAA batteries (included)    - Packaging: retail packaging    - Wing Clips are suitable for any bike    - 2 sound (121 dB and 140 dB)    - remote controls


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