With a Mini HORNIT at the wheel of your bike or scooter you are not only highly visible to other road users, but also to hear clearly, therefore safer on the road! Choose from
one of 25 different sound effects and sounds that you are coming. But you can also choose different green or white light effects. The sounds and lights are conveniently
operated from the steering wheel so that both hands can remain on the wheel. The Mini HORNIT is waterproof, uses 2 AAA batteries and is very easy to the handlebar! So
choose from a fire siren, lion roar or the sound of a race car and let you know that is coming!    - HORNIT Dimensions: H 3.6 x L 9.8 x W 4.4 cm    - Dimension control: H 0.9 x
L 3.5 x W 2 cm    - Weight: 94 grams    - Available in Black, Red / Blue, Purple / Pink, Blue / Orange    - Packaging: Retail Packaging    - Brand: HORNIT Features    - Vleugelc

Mini HORNIT - Red / Blue

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