Here we have a hybrid shape, combining the drop through with the pintail, Canadian Maple with Bamboo. The deck features a slight concave and measures 9.5" x 44". This is probably the most popular method of lowering the center of gravity on a longboard. The Drop Through shapes have high stability while retaining much of the responsiveness of a topmount. These boards have incredible traction, speed, and slide ability. The added length of the model also makes it easier and more comfortable to ride. The Bigfoot Stone-Ground Pathfinders offer a newly modified super high rebound formula and shape. This new shape was chosen based on rider feedback, and is the first wheel in the Bigfoot line to offer a stone-ground finish. The 83a hardness and 45mm wide footprint make the pathfinders perfect for the rider looking for a nice sized wheel that will perform at speed and slide right off the bat. The board is complete with high-grade, strong aluminum alloy trucks, high rebound bigfoot wheels, Abec-7 Speed Bearings, Hardware, & Risers. Board Specifics:. Size: 9.5" x 44". Type: Dropthrough Pin. Graphic: Tiki Face 2.0. Construction: Bamboo / Canadian Maple. Trucks: 180mm Downhill. Bigfoot Wheels: Pathfinders 70mm 80A. Grip: Black W/ Diecut Logo

Paradise Longboard Complete 9.5" 44" Bamboo Tiki Face Drop Through Pintail Shape

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